Canadian Eyes Only

Welcome to Canadian Eyes Only, the blog of the Canadian International History Committee.

Bienvenue sur Canadian Eyes Only, le blog du Comité d’histoire international du Canada.

A joint initiative with the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, Canadian Eyes Only is a platform for scholars to connect both with each other and the public. From Canada’s external relations and national security, to the transnational flow of people and ideas and the ‘foreign policy’ of non-state actors, our goal is to spark interest and debate in Canadian international history broadly defined. Moreover, given the relevance of history to current affairs, this blog will publish historically-based commentary and analysis on present international issues facing Canada and Canadians.

Whether sharing new findings, reflecting on the historical roots of contemporary issues, or discussing historiographical, pedagogical, theoretical, or simply practical questions, our hope is that persons interested in the study of Canadian external relations will turn to Canadian Eyes Only. Inclusive in outlook, we welcome reasoned debate about Canada’s international history with an aim of building bridges among scholars, students, and wider audiences.

Please enjoy our blog and do consider submitting a posting yourself.


The Editors

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