Catherine Tsalikis: A foreign service worth fighting for

Somewhere between ‘golden age’ and ‘culture of complaint’ lies the state of Canada’s foreign service. OpenCanada’s Catherine Tsalikis (@CatTsalikis) interviewed nearly two dozen diplomats and experts to discover a gradual tarnishing of the diplomatic corps over the years — but many are rooting for its restoration.

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Canada’s Department of External Affairs, Volume 3: Innovation and Adaptation, 1968–1984

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Canada’s Department of External Affairs, Volume 3: Innovation and Adaptation, 1968–1984. John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, and Greg Donaghy. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.

Volume three of the official history of Canada’s Department of External Affairs offers readers an unparalleled look at the evolving structures underpinning Canadian foreign policy from 1968 to 1984. Using untapped archival sources and extensive interviews with top-level officials and ministers, the volume presents a frank “insider’s view” of work in the Department, its key personalities, and its role in making Canada’s foreign policy. In doing so, the volume presents novel perspectives on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the country’s responses to the era’s most important international challenges. These include the October Crisis of 1970, recognition of Communist China, UN peacekeeping, decolonization and the North-South dialogue, the Middle East and the Iran Hostage crisis, and the ever-dangerous Cold War.

Click here for Volume One (The Early Years, 1909-1946) and Volume Two (Coming of Age, 1946-1968).

Documents on Canadian External Relations: The Arctic, 1874-1949

Documents on Canadian External Relations: The Arctic, 1874-1949

Earlier this year the Historical Section of Global Affairs Canada published a special Arctic volume in the series Documents on Canadian External Relations. Containing nearly 600 documents, the volume includes extensive material not previously used by historians. A PDF is available for download here. Anyone interested in learning how to obtain a printed copy of the book should contact the editor, Dr. Janice Cavell (

Annonce : Documents relatifs aux relations extérieures du Canada : L’Arctique, 1874-1949

Plus tôt cette année, la Section des affaires historiques d’Affaires mondiales Canada a publié un volume spécial sur l’Arctique dans la série Documents relatifs aux relations extérieures du Canada. Regroupant près de 600 documents, le volume comprend de nombreuses ressources qui n’ont jamais été utilisées par les historiens. Le volume est également offert en format PDF ici. Nous prions à toute personne intéressée à obtenir une copie imprimée du livre de communiquer avec la rédactrice en chef, Janice Cavell (

Canadian Foreign Intelligence History Project (CFIHP)

The Canadian Foreign Intelligence History Project (CFIHP) seeks to encourage the study of the history of the foreign intelligence assessment function in Canada by facilitating the exchange of information among researchers and providing a forum for formal and informal collaboration through workshops and conferences.

This collaborative effort will provide a foundation for the greater integration of the history of intelligence assessment into the broader study of Canadian foreign and defence policy in order to inform students, scholars and policy-makers.

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